plugWithout a broadband connection, industries in rural areas cannot compete with the industries in urban areas. Although it is possible to lease a private T1 line from the local phone company, It can be very expensive to operate and extremely troublesome to hook up. That is where DSL (digital subscriber link) broadband internet access comes in. It is not nearly as expensive as a T1 line, and much easier to hook up because it uses existing phone lines to transfer data. Unlike an internet connection using a modem, DSL sends a digital signal over the line that does not tie up the phone line or affect voice communications. It is also much faster because the signal must not be converted to analog to be sent over the line.

DSL allows a high speed connection, which is up to 50 times faster than a conventional dial-up modem. This is high speed, since even on a perfect, noise-free phone line, a single subscriber can only get a maximum of a 53 kilobytes per second (1,000 kilobytes in each megabyte). With a fast internet connection, and an always on service, time is not wasted waiting for it to dial or tying up valuable phone lines. Multiple computers can also be easily connected to a single DSL line.


zito-fiber-network-northeast2Zito Media is the telecommunications company that provides Cable Television (including Digital Cable), High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice Services to numerous communities across 16 states. (Please click on the LINEUPS page for the list of states and communities served.)

Zito is headquartered in Potter County, PA, and we are independently owned and operated. Our staff and management team are well-seasoned and we are passionate about providing great products and services, coupled with responsive customer care.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible level of Video, Data, and Voice Services. Zito is committed to an ongoing culture of technological innovation, and as such, we will continue to deliver new and advanced services as they become available.


Time Warner  – Provider for cable modem connections

Velocity.net –  Internet Service Provider that also provides local Dial-up and DSL access

Verizon – Provider for  DSL and Dial-up 

WorldConnX –  ISP who provides dial-up and wireless access.