The convenience of a city, the beauty of the country, the advantages of a small town … that’s what you will find in Corry.

The city of Corry offers advantages usually available in a city, such as convenient shopping and variety in choosing professional services, but at the same time, it offers all the advantages of a small town. Traffic jams, pollution, excessive crime, and other afflictions of a large city are virtually unknown in Corry. Wherever you go in Corry, you will find the beauty of nature nearby.

Corry is located at the junction of three counties – Erie, Warren and Crawford. Because no single county profile accurately reflects the nature of the area, a composite picture must be drawn using statistics from all three counties. During the past 140 years Corry has grown from a railroad boomtown to a nice, stable place to raise a family and run a business. Corry is the second largest city in Erie County.

About 7,000 people reside in Corry’s 2,500 households. Another 12,000 people live in surrounding townships and boroughs, such as Columbus, Spartansburg, Elgin-Beaverdam, Wayne, Amity and Concord Townships, and Spring Creek.

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